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Web Burrell is an Executive Coach, Facilitator, Writer and Performer with a Professional Specialty in Experiential engagement for Live Events and Videos.

Incorporating co-active Facilitation Techniques honed from his background Coaching On-stage and On-camera performances by Corporate Executives and Professional Emcees for thirty years, and his contributions to an International Men’s Work Organization as a Facilitator for over ten years, Web’s Collaborative, Exploratory approach Empowers each individual he works with to Access and Express the very Best of their Inner Selves.

Each person has a Story to tell the World Outside of themselves, and each person has an Inside Story that they tell themselves about Who they Are. Integrating and Aligning those messages creates a Congruent and Powerful basis for achieving Success both Personally, and Professionally.

Presenter Coaching

(Toyota Press Event, Los Angeles, with GPJ)

(Visa International Leadership Meeting, Pebble Beach, with GOXD)

Helping presenters deliver their messages in the most effective way, whether on stage or in front of a camera, has been an essential part of Web’s creative approach with all of the events, films, videos, and music he has produced and directed.

The most effective way to help clients in becoming better, more engaging presenters is to work one-on-one with them in the days or weeks leading up to their appearance, as well as on location when they are in the final stages of preparation.

When your event demands the very best of your spokesperson or panel, contact Web about helping prepare them to deliver the highest quality presentation possible.

Coaching Book

How to Talk Your Talk - front cover

How to Talk Your Talk - back cover

2011-2012 DIY Book Festival Honorable Mention

Web Burrell's book, How To Talk Your Talk, won Honorable Mention awards at both the Los Angeles and New York book festivals in 2012.

This is the first volume in the trademarked P-R-E-P-A-R-E  -- The Personal Coach System™ book series, and provides an accessible approach for career professionals and first time speakers alike to improve their level of effectiveness, enjoyment and success in a brief, simple to read, and easy to remember overview of proven techniques and tips that are utilized every day by speakers everywhere. 

And what makes this book unique in the market, is the fact that it is written from a Producer's point of view.

The book is organized around the word prepare, because the key element in the successful execution of any live event is in the thoroughness of the preparation -- which is done long before an audience enters the room.  With that in mind, we have used prepare as an anagram upon which the chapters are organized, to help the reader more easily remember the tips and techniques, as follows:


It's fun to read, and packed with valuable information and anecdotal details that bring this important subject to life.

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Praise for "How to Talk Your Talk"

…Even as an experienced speaker I found Web’s coaching to be invaluable and his tips to be easy to grasp and utilize.
- Nintendo Senior Vice President

…It is simple, yet intuitive, and a great guide for public speaking as well as thinking through an effective presentation.
- United States Postal Service Postmaster General

…He has found the rare formula of substantive information conveyed in simple terms that make it a breeze to read.
- Nortel Networks Vice President

310-993-4180 mobile, webburrell@mac.com
Santa Monica, CA 90403