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From strategic analysis… To creative design… To production implementation… Web and his team help refine and expand your team’s vision, and bring your vision to life!

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Following is a sampling of some of the many events, films, videos, and music Web has produced:

Nintendo - product launches, fan events, key customer events, receptions with entertainment, and tournaments, many which have been webcast and broadcast both domestically and internationally (locations include LA, San Antonio, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, Kyoto and Tokyo)
(produced in collaboration with GOXD)

Adobe - product launch events for key customers, with satellite streaming video internationally (locations: San Francisco, Salt Lake City)
(produced in collaboration with Kenwood Experience)

Amazon - General Sessions Producer for Fulfillment By Amazon division's key customer event
(location: New York City)
(produced in collaboration with MKTG)

Toyota - press conference introducing the RAV4 all-electric concept car, powered by Tesla (location: LA Auto Show)
(produced in collaboration with GPJ)

Visa - senior management global leadership summit, with live electronic interactive feedback, awards dinner (location: Pebble Beach)
(produced in collaboration with GOXD)

DARPA - international A.I. software competition tournaments (locations: Los Angeles, CA and Baltimore, MD)
(produced in collaboration with GES Events)

Coca Cola
Coca-Cola - national dealer management meetings launching new brand identity and products, with celebration dinner and celebrity entertainment (locations: Atlanta, Las Vegas)
(produced in collaboration with PGI)

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals - new product launch for key sales force management, including product training and celebrity entertainment (location: Orlando)
(produced in collaboration with Jack Morton Worldwide)

Sprint - presidential keynote address at CES, including a cast of seventeen actors and five scenic fabrications and changes (location: Las Vegas)
(produced in collaboration with Clear Blue)

Honda - press conference introducing the all-electric FIT EV (location: LA Auto Show)
(produced in collaboration with GPJ)

Marriott - international top management meeting featuring an orchestra, pyrotechnics, and celebrity entertainment (location: Atlanta)
(produced in collaboration with PGI)

Xerox - simultaneous events launching new brand identity campaign for key customers (locations: London, Chicago)
(produced in collaboration with PGI)

Medimmune - new product launches for key sales force management with this biotech company, including team building exercises, awards dinners and product training (locations: Santa Fe, Charlotte, Annapolis, Boulder)
(produced in collaboration with Jack Morton Worldwide)

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